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Strut Channel


Strut channel have slots along the base at regular intervals for interconnections, fastening to walls, or bolting on accessories. It provide light structural support for plumbing or mechanical components. It used for mounting nuts, braces, or connecting angles to join lengths of strut channels together. Most strut channel has slots in the base to facilitate interconnection or to fasten the strut channel to building structures. As a strut channel manufacturer, our steel c channel is easy to connect and modify, and different channel styles can be mixed and matched. If you want to unique slotted c channel, we also support custom serivce. We are strut channel supplier aim to providing quality components and bringing maximum benefits to you!

Product: Strut Channel / Steel C channel  

* Finishing: Pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, Powder coated, or electro-galvanized.

* Size: 1-5/8"x1-5/8", 1-5/8"x 13/16", 1-5/8"x1",1-5/8"x2-7/16",1-5/8"x3-1/4"

 41x41mm, 41x21mm, 41x25mm, 41x62mm, 41x82mm

* Solid/Plain or Slotted (1-1/8"x 9/16" / 28.6mmx14.3mm)

* Length: 10FT, 20 FT, 3 meter, 6 meter and can be personalized.

* Material: Low carbon steel conforming to ASTM A36, A575, A576, A635.

* Thickness: 2.5mm, 2.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.2mm.

* SS304 and SS316 is also available for plain and slotted strut channel/steel C channel.


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