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Threaded Rod


Threaded rod is a metal fastener like a bolt or screw, only longer and without a head, it also referred to as stud, studding, all-thread, or threaded bar, is a long rod or bar that has a screw thread along the full length. We are threaded rod manufacturer since 1991, our screwed rod is not only manufactured to draw the attention of people but also to bring them convenience and benefits. If you are looking for threaded rod supplier, you can choose XYSTRUT, we support custom unique threaded screw rod. Contact!

* Size: 1/4"~ 7/8" 

* Packing: Bundles + Pallets and can be personalized.

* Material: Low carbon steel conforming to ASTM A36, A575, A576, A635.

* Thickness: Normally 6mm.

* SS304 and SS316 Threaded Rod / Screwed Rod is also available.

* Surface Treatmnt: Plain, white zinc plated, blue-white zinc plated, yellow zinc plated, hot dipped galvanization, black.


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